What We Offer

Marine Tables Inc. is a custom woodworking facility. We specialize in tables of all shapes, sizes, and materials, but our abilities and scope of work go way beyond that. Our use of computer technology in CAD drawing and CNC precision cutting, along with skilled craftsmen and finishers, enables us to tackle virtually any project. We have built commercial and residential doors and entryways, wood flooring inlays, restaurant bar tops, bathroom countertops, and countless other varied and intricate projects. Most importantly, we enjoy new ideas and challenging projects. There is no request or design that we won’t tackle to come up with the most cost effective and functional, yet stunning finished product available. You will be working directly with the builders and designers here to make sure what leaves our facility is what you wanted.

At Marine Tables Inc. we lay up our own inlays to ensure the quality of the materials we are using. Our craftsmen are accustomed to working with all types of domestic and exotic hardwoods and veneers.

Our standard finish has been developed to withstand the harsh outdoor saltwater environment. Multiple coats of epoxy are used to completely seal the wood and keep the table waterproof. Then the highest quality automotive polyurethane is sprayed on for a crystal clear hi-gloss finish and complete UV resistance. This system was developed by our parent company Release Marine for use on their fighting and helm chairs. These chairs take the abuse from the salt and sun in tropical areas all over the world as well as the physical abuse that comes with serious big-game sport fishing. That type of field-testing makes us confident in saying that our finish is almost bullet proof when put on a tabletop.

Once sprayed, every table is then wet-sanded and buffed to give them their flawless look.

Similar to our hi-gloss finish, we often spray matte polyurethane for a "satin" look instead of the polished hi-gloss. It offers a more subtle and softer look and feel.

With our increase in demand for home furnishings and interior products, we have shifted some of our attention to building and finishing practices that are more environmentally friendly..."green". We now offer a European water-based finish system for interior and exterior use, which is LEED compliant and also more economical than our traditional epoxy and polyurethane system. It is available in sheens ranging from flat to hi-gloss. This product comes with a 6-year manufacturers warranty with a 2-year maintenance coat if outdoors.

For strictly interior applications we also offer lacquer and conversion varnish options. These products are furniture grade finishes which give your piece a beautiful look. This is the least expensive option when it comes to the finish choice, but that’s not because it is a cheap material. We use only the top of the line materials for all of our finish systems. The price difference is in the lack of UV resistance and the ease of application for this system.